Standard Bed Frame Sizes in Malaysia: A Complete Guide

Discovering the perfect bed frame size for your space in Malaysia can be daunting. Depending on your bedroom’s space and location, different scales may help you decide which would fit best. 

Knowing the proper size of a new mattress before selecting a frame can save valuable space and help set up your sleeping space easily. Bed frames come in various sizes based on the dimension of your mattress—twin, full, queen, and king sizes are all available—so finding the best fit for your bedroom is a simple process. 

Bed Frame Sizes Overview

Our complete guide to standard bed frame sizes will provide detailed information on bed dimensions so that you can rest assured you’re finding the right fit!

Most of our bed frames can be made for you in any size – but getting mattresses and fitted sheets to match might be more difficult. These are the standard sizes available in Malaysia:

Bed SizeMattress SizeBed Frame Dimensions
1Twin38” x 75” 42” x 79”
2Twin XL38” x 80” 42” x 84”
3Full54” x 75” 58” x 83”
4Queen60” x 80”64” x 88”
5King76” x 80”80” x 88”
6California King72” x 84” 76” x 92”

1. Twin Bed Frame

Twin-size frame comes in a manageable 40-43 by 77-80 inches, large enough to fit a twin mattress comfortably while providing extra room for occasional visitors and sleepovers. This size is also ideal for toddlers transitioning from their cribs to their first bed, older children and teens, and adults with limited living space. 

Bedrooms should be at least seven by 10 feet when furnishing with a twin bed frame for adequate movement, playroom space, and room enough for accompanying furniture pieces. 

2. Twin XL Bed Frame

Twin XL bed frames provide an extra 5 inches of length over traditional twin-sized bed frames, making them ideal for people of all ages and sizes. Twin XL bed frames are commonly used in college dorms and studio apartments.

If you’d like to upgrade your Twin Bed frame to a Twin XL, it is essential to remember that the room should be at least seven by 10.5 feet – just like a Twin Bed frame – to ensure optimal comfort and use with the Twin XL bed frame.

3. Full/Double Bed Frame

Photo by oning on Unsplash

Full-size bed frame is ideal for single sleepers who value their personal space and need a bit of extra room to move around comfortably in bed. Offering 16 more inches of width than a twin-size frame, full beds offer just the right amount of space for sleeping arrangements in smaller homes and apartments, allowing young adults to stretch out without taking up too much floor area. 

Full or double bed frames require only 9.5×10.5 feet of space, making them the perfect solution for those seeking a spacious sleeping environment without sacrificing precious square footage. 

4. Queen Bed Frame

Queen bed frames have emerged as the most popular mattress size for single adults in recent years, offering a generous expanse of 62-65 inches by 82-85 inches. Designed to fit the average adult with room to spare, couples may find them confined if either partner is over six feet tall or plus-sized. 

They are also ideal for guest rooms since they offer enough space to fit multiple people comfortably. To ensure queen bed frames can be accommodated in your home, the recommended minimum size of a room should be 10 feet wide by 10 feet long.

5. King Bed Frame

King bed frames are popular among couples as they provide enough space for both partners to have their personal space, even when sharing the same bed. King-size mattresses allow parents to co-sleep with their children comfortably, making it a practical solution for all ages. 

They are typically limited to large master bedrooms since they average 76 by 80 inches or 12×12 feet. Therefore, individuals looking to purchase a king frame need to be mindful of how much floor space they have to make the most of this spacious and comfortable home addition.

6. California King Bed Frame

California king bed frames are an excellent option for taller adults seeking extra legroom. Their dimensions vary slightly from your standard king bed frame, being longer and narrower than the latter, though not larger overall. 

However, it is essential to consider the size of the bedroom when deciding on a California king bed frame; ideally, your room should measure no smaller than 12 by 12 feet.

Types of Bed Frames

1. Panel Bed Frame

Panel bed frames are a timeless classic, lending any bedroom a sophisticated and understated sense of style. They are constructed simply, made of two side panels, a headboard and a footboard.

It typically holds your mattress and its foundation, with the wooden slats keeping your bed off the ground for optimal comfort. 

2. Platform Bed Frame

Platform bed frame supports your mattress without needing an additional foundation, with wooden slats typically spaced 2-2.75 inches apart to distribute the weight and prevent any mattress from sagging evenly.

This bed frame ranges in style, some providing a basic frame while others include headboards and footboards that emulate traditional structures. 

3. Bunk Bed Frame

Bunk bed frame makes perfect sense when trying to maximize space, as it offers double the sleeping space in the same area a traditional bed would take up. Bunk beds can range from two twin beds stacked on top of each other to three-tier bunk beds for twin XL and even full-size beds. Bunk beds are useful in dorm rooms, hostels, and vacation homes. 

Still, they also provide extra fun and functionality whenever they can make their way into children’s bedrooms. Bunking up is a great way to create a personal oasis that easily doubles as storage space if desired.

4. Loft Bed Frame

Loft beds are amazing space-savers for anyone living in a small space. Instead of the typical bunk bed, the loft bed has a single bed on top and an open area underneath. This space can be used for other furniture, such as desks, dressers, chairs, or even couches, making it ideal for single sleepers.

This bed frame lets you maximize every square foot in your bedroom or dorm room while allowing you to have the features of a traditional bunk bed. 

5. Sleigh Bed Frame

Photo by Beisea on istock 

Sleigh bed frames are some of the most luxurious pieces to grace a bedroom. The iconic design, featuring a curved headboard and footboard reminiscent of classic sleds, adds an exceptional character to any master bedroom. 

Sleigh beds can be elegantly designed with intricate patterns or crafted to fit more modest spaces. 

6. Four Poster Bed Frame

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Four poster bed frame is a classic staple of interior design, as it has existed for centuries. This is similar to a panel bed frame because it consists of two side panels and a headboard and footboard. 

However, the key difference is that the four-poster bed features tall columns at every corner of the bed. It was initially designed so royalty could drape curtains around the bed to their borders to ensure privacy from their servants and increase insulation while sleeping.

Nowadays, you can find a four-poster bed frame without the included curtains or panels, but one can always add them for extra style and elegance.

7. Adjustable Bed Frame

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Adjustable bed frames are a great way to get a good night’s sleep and relieve various pain points. Whether you have acid reflux, back pain, or sleep apnea, the adjustable bed frame can elevate you at an angle that’ll provide maximum comfort for your body. 

Adjustable beds often come with luxurious add-ons, like built-in massagers, programmable presets, and USB charging ports – all of which ensure that you’ll be completely comfortable in bed. Moreover, most adjustable beds also have attachable legs so that they can fit any existing bed frame seamlessly. 

However, it’s worth noting that adjustable beds are generally quite heavy and expensive compared to traditional mattresses.

8. Storage Bed Frame

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Storage bed frames are ideal for those living in limited spaces, as they provide a helpful solution to maximizing living space. Features such as side cabinets and drawers offer plenty of storage for pillows, blankets, clothing, or any other household items that need to be tucked away. 

Furthermore, the storage bed frame styles include trundles, offering a thinner mattress that can roll out when needed, which can be an excellent option for having multiple guests sleep in the same space. 

Storage bed frames present an all-in-one solution that offers convenient, easy access to belongings while helping create additional sleeping areas and freedom within a small living space. 

How do I know what size of bed frame to buy?

Choosing the right bed frame size for your space can seem daunting. Before you purchase, it is important to consider how much space you have, both in terms of width and length, and who will be using the bed. 

A single-sized bed frame is suitable for one person, whereas a double-sized frame might be better for couples or families with children. A king or California king might suit your needs if you want an extra-large roomy fit.

Keep in mind that some bed frames require additional space around them to accommodate clothing and bedside tables if needed. Make sure to measure carefully and choose wisely – after all, investing in the right bed frame can make all the difference in getting a good night’s sleep!

What is the standard bed frame height?

The standard height for a bed frame can vary according to the mattress used. Typically, bed frames are between 7 to 8 inches in height and are designed to accommodate mattresses that are traditionally 9-12 inches thick. 

Many people like to use bed risers to adjust the height of their bed frames, depending on the desired sleeping level or individual need. Taller-than-average beds are also ideal when considering the ease of getting in and out of bed. 

Ultimately, choosing the correct bed frame height is important for maximum comfort and convenience.

What’s the most popular type of bed frame?

Without a doubt, the most popular bed frame that is currently favoured among many in Malaysia is the platform bed frame. This bed frame offers a minimalist design with modern looks, versatile functionality, and uncompromising quality. 

Often paired with an array of headboard sizes, the platform bed frames take full advantage of every inch of space it occupies with its low-profile design. It also allows you to easily switch up your home décor and transform any bedroom into a sleek, modern oasis. 

With durable construction and maximum comfort in mind, this bed frame strikes the perfect balance between style and practicality for people looking to upgrade their sleeping environment.


Understanding standard bed frame sizes in Malaysia is essential in making the right decision when purchasing a bed! There are plenty of options for the ideal bed frame size, from single to king size. 

Whether you are shopping online or checking out store models, it’s essential to know the available different frame sizes. Knowing standard measurements will ensure that the furniture you buy suits your desired measurement specification while offering quality and comfort that satisfies even the most demanding customer. 

We hope this guide will help you become more informed on making the right purchase when searching for a new bed frame!

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