11 Best Bed Frames in Malaysia (2024) & How to Choose One

A good quality bed frame is necessary for everyone looking to achieve optimum rest and health benefits. With a sturdy and supportive base, your mattress may be able to provide the back support you need.

In Malaysia, there are a variety of bed frames designed to cater to personal needs and tastes. Whatever your budget, you can find something that meets both style and comfort requirements. 

From heavy-duty metal to solid wood or contemporary designs with luxurious upholstery, the best bed frame will help ensure a good sleep every night so you can feel energised and refreshed upon waking. 

Top 11 Bed Frames in Malaysia 

Check out our top picks for the best bed frames of 2024 which will help you get the optimal rest you need.

1. CUURA – Daisy Bedframe King Size

With this indented bed frame, you can go for something out of the ordinary. The Daisy bed frame, designed in the stunning Togo style, is popular with young and older people. 

Despite the pronounced indentations, the creamy white tint of this bed frame makes it adaptable enough to suit any bedroom interior style.

2. CUURA – Victor King Bed Frame

The Victor Bed Frame is as soothing as it comes, with the grey tone representing neutrality and balance. The handcrafted North American ash wood frame provides excellent support. Sink into the solid grey backrests and leave your worries at the door as you unwind for the evening.

3. CUURA – Quinn King Size Bed Frame

The ultra-comfortable backrests are made of soft, fluffy materials. This bed frame is fantastic, so unwind on it. The sturdy North American ash wood frame is expertly constructed and long-lasting. 

4. Snoozeland – Princess Queen Bed Frame

The Snoozeland Princess Queen Bed Frame is a king-sized bed frame that can accommodate any mattress. This bed frame is durable and keeps you safe while you sleep. The paint used is non-toxic, so there is no concern about safety.

5. Handley – Canvas Divan Bed Frame

This bed frame’s Scandinavian design is basic but beautiful and delivers the best comfort. The bed frame is made of solid rubberwood, which is incredibly durable. 

6. MyFurnitureLab: BRAUN Queen Size Divan Queen Bed Frame

BRAUN has a sturdy design with round sides and eight-bed frame legs. There is no squeaky sound, and the structure has been reinforced. Aside from that, it has a large load capacity, with a weight capacity of up to 180kg. It is not only soft and pleasant, but it is also simple to clean.


Simple, robust, and easy to install. The low height is ideal for under windows or sloped ceilings, and there’s still plenty of room underneath for storage boxes. 

8. OSUKI – Solid Wood Single Bed Frame

This bed frame has a very sturdy design that works great for a single mattress. It is made of premium wood, which looks great and is durable and robust. 

9. KitchenZ – Wooden Single Bed Frame-8002

This single bed frame is an attractive and discrete design that combines modern aesthetics with the solid build quality. Crafted from particle board and comes in three stylish colours – white, natural oak, or dark brown – so you can find the shade that best complements your existing decor.   

10. Furniture Direct – LENCIA Single Bed Frame 

Because of its tiny size, this single bed frame is ideal for dorm rooms, hostels, Airbnbs, and even low-cost hotels. It has a fabric finish and is composed of solid rubberwood, which is environmentally beneficial.   

11. MYHOME: OLIVE Swiss-Foundation Divan Solid Bed Frame 

A simple headboard is included with this bed frame. Its breathable canvas material is strong and environmentally friendly. Additionally, it is supported by sturdy bed legs constructed of premium PVC. 


How do I choose a good bed frame?

Finding the perfect bed frame is essential to any bedroom. It should be not only comfortable but also aesthetically pleasing and suitable for the size of your room. Consider the type of location you have it in and how much space you have available before deciding on a design.

It’s worth researching or seeking advice about sizes and measurements to ensure you get the most out of your bed frame without sacrificing too much space. Analysing each element involved carefully will help you make an informed choice.

What is the reasonable price for a bed frame?

When it comes to the price of a bed frame, it depends on the brand and size you’re looking for. However, there are some great offers for affordable bed frames, such as CUURA online furniture shop, that provides excellent quality at an amazing value. 

With an eye for detail and quality craftsmanship, you can surely find something that fits your budget and needs at CUURA

What is the best material for bed frames?

When it comes to finding a suitable material for bed frame construction, quality is key. Wood is an excellent option that gives you style, durability, and strength at a reasonable price. Metal bed frames can offer sleek designs with sturdy posts if a contemporary look is desired. For numerous years of use without fail, iron provides even greater strength and durability. 

Elegant and modern or classic and traditional – there are various materials available to suit any taste. Whatever choice you make in terms of the material used to construct your bed frame, ensuring the design meets safety expectations while still providing superior comfort will help ensure a good night’s sleep night after night!

How do you match a bed frame to a room?

Matching the right bed frame to a room is essential for completing the look. The position of the bed frame in the room should be considered, as well as its overall size. Choose a style that suits your tastes and the room’s decor. 

Have fun with your choices by picking something unique or incorporating different materials like wood and metal. Consider using simple lines and uncluttered shapes if you want a more modern appeal. 

However, if you prefer warm and inviting vibes, look for curved ones like an upholstered platform bed, four-poster bed, or canopy bed. Aesthetics aside, ensure it gives adequate support while providing enough room to move around without bumping into it when getting out of bed.


Selecting the right bed frame can turn an ordinary room into a stylish, inviting space that is both pleasing and comfortable. To make this process easier, take some time to consider all aspects of the bed frame, such as its size, materials, texture, and design. 

With these elements in place, you’re sure to have a frame that meets your multiple needs while providing a luxurious environment for restful sleep. 

Our guide can help to make this seemingly overwhelming task a breeze by ensuring you get what you need at a price that fits your budget. 

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